These personalized

Soul Journey Transcripts activate higher healing frequencies.

These personalized

Soul Journey Transcripts activate higher healing frequencies.

Are you ready to make a change? Would you like to reignite magic, spirituality, and wonder in your life? 
Do you desire a deeper understanding of your child?

Are you ready to make a change? Would you like to reignite magic, spirituality, and wonder in your life? 
Do you desire a deeper understanding of your child?



Healing involves reading the energy associated with what  you want to understand
with greater depth.

Healing involves reading the energy associated with what you want to understand
with greater depth.


Hi! I’m Sue Mirkin. I’m an author, healer, and mentor. I’ve been fine-tuning my intuition and perceptive observation skills for the past 35 years through various trainings and practices including 3 years of course work and graduation from Southern California Psychic Institute, many years of Vipassana Meditation now known as Mindful Meditation, numerous energy work courses, music, and certification as a Flower Essence Practitioner from Desert Alchemy (which took almost a year). Books I’ve co-authored include Before, During, After a Holocaust Survivors autobiography, How to Blow Bubbles with Bubblegum and Praise-Naming: the Nigerian Method. I have a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, my thesis was on Empathy. I am currently in a PhD program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am also the mother of teenage twins.

I work with children and adults of varied backgrounds who seek new perspectives and greater well-being in their personal, family, and professional lives. I also work with people who have experienced trauma, however I require the participation of their psychotherapist. I specialize in personalized Intuitively-Guided Meditations as a form of energy healing that works through dream-like stories. I passionately believe that stories facilitate growth! Stories have been used since the beginning of time, and continue to be used as a form of healing by indigenous cultures, Narrative Medicine, and Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf Schools, Neuro-linguistic programming and other forms of psychological therapeutic interventions. Intuitively-Guided Meditations are unique in that they combine energy healing within a story form and present it as a guided meditation. Repetition of the guided meditation allows for deeper healing because it facilitates changes in the brain..

Healing means to make healthy, whole, sound, to restore to health, cleanse, purify, free from evil, or to mend. Restoring one to wholeness is a journey and it involves relationships. Relationship to the mysterious forces of healing such as energy, light, sound, angels, God, Great Spirit, Jesus, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and wise spirits or ancestors who assist us, when restored, brings us a greater sense of inner peace and joy. Relationship with one’s heart-opening inner truth, when restored, can be considered a form of empowerment.

Our relationships with others are integral to the healing journey.  One is shaped by the experiences and interpretation of these experiences even in the womb. Restoring us to wholeness in which we honor, value, accept and respect who we are is essential to healthy and fulfilling relationships.


Working with the effects of trauma through your soul journey transcript/personalized guided meditation story requires that one is under the care of a psychotherapist or other qualified practitioners, such as authentic movement therapist or other types of bodytherapists who are registered with ISMETA.

The goal is for you to experience greater harmony, balance and empowerment in your life
on every level–physical, emotional, psychological, and, most definitely, spiritual.
When you are balanced you feel endowed with the power to manifest your dreams.


Soul Journey Transcripts

or Personalized Intuitively-Guided Meditations  are a type of energy healing that work through dream-like stories specific to the individual. Beginning with the individual’s goal these personalized guided meditations activate and integrate higher healing frequencies that assist in the attainment of your goals.  Reading or listening to the Guided Meditation for a certain period of time is necessary in order to deepen the healing. Guided meditation has been shown to produce beneficial effects on one’s well-being. These Personalized Intuitively-Guided Meditations take it a step further because each narrative is based on You, with consideration of the issue you are trying to heal.

Distance Energy Work

facilitates healing and stress relief by energetically clearing, rebalancing, and aligning various facets of the human being, such as the aura and chakras. The effects are often experienced within 24-48 hours.

Intuitive Readings

are based on reading the energy associated with anything you want to understand with greater depth. The information you receive is deeply personal. It may include your (or the person of inquiry) values, hopes, and fears that are affecting current situations. With more clarity and insight about the subject matter, affirmative choices can be made.

Flower Essence Consultations

involve dialoging, clarifying and choosing essences that support an individual’s intentions. Flower Essences strengthen and support qualities that improve our well-being, inner harmony and outlook on life. They are an excellent adjunct to the Intuitively Guided Meditations, Readings and Energy Work.


Each flower carries specific vibrations of the Universal Intelligence. The vibrations of the flower are transmitted into water, which is then mixed with brandy or vinegar to stabilize the energy.  Flower essences have no smell.

When we use flower essences, we begin to vibrate with the flower’s specific qualities associated with Divine Consciousness. This allows old patterns of thought, emotional reactions, attitudes, and beliefs that don’t serve our highest good to be replaced with the respective Divine Consciousness of the flower essence.

Healing involves a person’s active involvement in the healing process rather than expecting the healer to heal her or him.

Prior to providing services we must both be “on the same page.” Therefore, an initial exploratory consultation via phone or email is highly recommended (no fee charged). Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact me. You can also call me at 310-351-7918 to discuss your questions.


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It brought me into a deeper sense of peace and gratitude for my life.

Experiencing and working with Sue’s medicine stories is pure magic. Her spirit guided imagery worked on my unconscious mind, igniting new ways of perceiving, and shifting my relationship with how I was experiencing reality. It brought me into a deeper sense of peace and gratitude for my life. Larisa Stow, Long Beach, CA Songwriter, Singer, leader of Shakti Tribe; Transformational Life Coach; Yoga Instructor

I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me.

I live in Israel and was pleasantly surprised after one distant healing session--I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me. Esther O., Israel

I experienced a lot of AHA! moments

I wanted insight about my 16 year old son and had Sue do a reading over the telephone. I have had readings from other people, but during this reading I actually saw the light, literally and figuratively. I experienced a lot of AHA! moments and she spoke about his qualities in a way that resulted in me understanding him at a truly deep level. Sue helped me help him overcome his fears and take a risk. This was exceptionally relevant and timely: since that day his teacher proposed an extra credit project that could jeopardize his grade. I encouraged him to take a risk, something I would not ordinarily do. He did excellently! I now know that anytime he doubts himself, reminding him to trust himself and take risks will help him move forward in his life. Haleh, Los Angeles, CA

The flower essences Sue chose were precisely what I needed.

Flower essences are remarkable! They work in a very subtle but profound way: Quieting the mind, smoothing over rough edges, softening reactive thoughts. The flower essences Sue chose were precisely what I needed and even more they provided support for the present and the healing moved into the future. I find that flower essences flow in and bring out the true inner person, devoid of the chatter. Anytime I feel a "bit off" flowers essences are like a light cover of joy. Shalane R./LEED Interior Designer/Malibu, CA

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