Please keep in mind, the Personal Guided Meditation Stories work on the unconscious; so it’s best you don’t analyze the story, instead, flow with it. The stories go beyond the rational mind.


How can I use the story throughout the day to empower me?

Find a section of the story or feeling(s) from the story that captures what you want to bring into your life and think of that part of the story, or the empowering feelings that came up while listening or reading.


If I fall asleep while listening, does it still work?

Yes. If you are too tired to read the full story, read as much you can and then continue on where you left off the next time you read it. Don’t skip any sections to get through the story.


If you have read/listened to your story a few times and find that you prefer listening to one section for a period of time, do so. Throughout the following day be aware of how you feel, and your thoughts. Also please pay attention to your dreams—it is good to keep a dream journal. I think “details” of thoughts may be confusing.


Can I listen/read the story more than once a day?



How do I know if my Personal Guided Meditation Story is working?

Everyone’s experience is unique, as everyone is an individual. Sometimes, it is clearly obvious, other times it is not so obvious. This is why I do follow-up sessions with you and have you fill out forms which involve self-reflection.


Some basic signs that your personalized guided meditation story is working:

• Sleep better

• Feel more relaxed

• Feel good

• Feel motivated

• Synchronicities in your life

• choices you make that are different than before; or make better choices, or make self-affirming choices

• experience a sense of magic

• positive comments from others —often we cannot see our positive changes but others do

• dreams


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